Personal Data Privacy Policy

          We consider the security of personal data to be of the utmost important and shall keep the Company’s personal data confidential. We would like to inform you regarding our personal data privacy policy as follow: -

• Personal Data Collection

          We collect and maintain the Company’s personal data that are necessary for the audit professions. We only process personal data as necessary and appropriate, and deemed in compliance with the Thai Auditing Standards, and in compliance with related laws and regulations.

          The Company’s personal data that we received from the undertaking of audit work shall be kept confidential under our high security standards.

• Disclosures of Personal Data to Third Party

          We will not disclose any personal data of the Company, or any data that can be identified as the Company’s personal data to outside party. We also protect against usage of the Company’s personal data with the following exceptions: -

  • The Company has agreed to the disclosure of the personal data.
  • The disclosures of the said personal data are in compliance with the laws or under the orders of related government agencies.

• Personal Data Confidentiality Measures

           Our data confidentiality measures for the personal data obtained from the undertaking of audit work by setting access to the information as follow: -

  • Our staff shall not disclose confidential information received from the undertaking of audit work
  • Only the assigned audit team will be able to use the Company’s personal data
  • Personal data received from the audit engagement shall be filed strictly under the document filing control measures.
  • Prior approval from the authorized Data Protection Officer must be obtained when staff need to access the personal data.
  • The personal data received from the undertaking of audit work shall be keep for the period required by related laws and regulations.

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